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What if you learned a secret so deadly that it could destroy the world?

Ian MacRae is a security specialist dedicated to saving lives in the most dangerous trouble spots in the world. He's always managed to leave the horrors of the job behind when the work is done.

But this time they've followed him home.

After a routine meeting in Baghdad apartment, MacRae returns home to Tasmania only to find his world shattered by a series of brutal attacks. His security skills are pushed to the limit as he struggles to keep his friends alive in the face of attacks by the shadowy terrorist group Al-Islam. Their target? A secret, forged in the worlds biggest nuclear accident in Chernobyl in 1986. A secret so deadly that it could spell the end of the human race.

Now MacRae must join forces with Eshe, a shadowy Egyptian spy in a journey that takes them from the wealth and corruption of Wall Street to the radioactive wastelands of Pripyat in Ukraine. Along the way, MacRae is entangled in passion and betrayal before a final devastating confrontation where he's forced to choose life or death for those he loves the most.




A monstrous and mysterious disease, a missing girl, a beguiling doctor, and a conspiracy so far-reaching it threatens the lives of billions.

Enter Ian MacRae, a tough guy with a soft heart for whom danger is a business, thrust back together with Marion Weatherill, a feisty and captivating exotic diseases specialist from his past. Sparks will fly as the bodies fall.

From a massacre in an African village to gunfights in the streets of San Francisco, and crazed, scalpel-wielding scientists closer to home, this fearless security consultant must discover the truth - the hard way.

MacRae must move quickly and think fast to save the planet from a ruthless, megalomaniac billionaire convinced he must be cruel to humanity to be kind to the planet.

Can MacRae succeed - and save those he loves the most? Time and the odds are against him. So too his seemingly indestructible Russian nemesis, a clinical killing machine who appears more than a match for the maverick Tasmanian.

'Devil's Breath was a truly great read, really enjoyed it.'

Paul G

'Just finished "Devil's Breath" a book I couldn't bear to put down. Up there with some of the greats. Well written and easy to read with plenty of surprises and unexpected twists.'

Samantha W



I started writing novels a few years ago when I realised that the truth is often stranger than fiction, and there's a story to be found everywhere you go and in everyone you meet.
My aim as an author is to take my readers on adventures far from their day to day lives, and into a world of excitement and danger where maybe they'll ask the question...what would I do in this situation?
I live in a quiet beach town on the island of Tasmania, a place of beauty and mystery, where just about anything can and does happen, and I'll keep writing as long as the stories keep coming to me.


Chernobyl 1986 –
CIA redacted comms:
Moscow to Langley re Chernobyl 1986 - GTLOG445KLY.pdf (1217kb)
Iraq to Langley re Al-Islam Jaysh and Devil's Breath shootout - TSGSF_BAGHDAD.pdf (1315kb)
Langley to Moscow re acquiring Chernobyl records from Moscow archives - 56TYR551.pdf (1277kb)


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